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Press Release CMV Calafat

After 12 races this season, BRIEFING COMPETICIÓ ended the year inCalafat Circuit (Tarragona) with the final round of the SpeedMediterranean (CMV).

The free practices on Friday were focused on the development of themotorbike, leaving a good feeling both to the mechanics and the rider facingthe weekend.

On Sunday, the qualifying practices were in two sessions of 30 minuteseach. On the first timing Alex got the 2nd fastest time, and on the secondones, he got the 7th place. There was a break of 15 minutes because of ared flag, which would delay all races 30 minutes.The combination of the two sessions got Alex in the 2nd place.

At 3:15 the pitlane opened and the grill was ready. Alex started 2nd and his main rival in the competition started first. It was the last time that the lights were turning off this season, and there were still 25 points at stake. Everyone -riders, teams and fans- were looking forward to this moment. Once the race started Alex came 1st to the end of the stretch and at the end of the lap he was in 3rd position, which would give him the title. But with seven laps to go, Alex was 4th and his rival was 1st. The team was breathing the tension because that position was not enough to get the championship. But Alex, once again, showed the empathy he has with the bike and took advantage of a mistake from the rider in front of him and got in the 3rd position, making both the team and the fans jump of happiness.

In this way, we ended a season where there have been breakdowns and falls, in which we have shouted with joy for podiums and victories, in which the bike has proven to be a champion and in which we have been MEDITERRANEAN CHAMPIONS!!!

Finally, we would like to thank you very much for following us in the races, for the encouragement and for sharing with us the thrill of racing. All this is possible because of your collaboration.

See you next season, which will be as exciting, or even more.

Happy holidays to everybody.

Alex received the checkered flag as 2012 MEDITERRANEAN SPEED CHAMPION!!! And went up the third step of the podium, where he uncorked the champagne bathing everybody.

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