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Press Release CMV Montmeló

Two weeks after having the pleasure of Podium in the 24 Hours Frigo Endurance Motorbike Race, Briefing Competició faced the third race of the Mediterranean Speed Championship (CMV) in the Montmeló Circuit (Barcelona).

Unlike other races from the Mediterranean Championship, where on Saturdays there are the free trainings, in this ocassion the qualifying practices took place in two sessions of 30 minutes each.

As news, for this races the 600cc and the 1000cc motorbikes were grouped together in the same race.

The weekend had some difficulty, since in the first qualifying session the bike sttoped in the first lap due to an electrical problem. Alex could not continue with the qualifying session because the circuit assistance took the motorcycle back to the boxes when the session was ending so the technical team could not solve the problem.

The mechanics worked hard to try solve the problem before the second qualifying practices and they seemed to have solved it.

The objective of the second qualifying practices was to go to the track and get the best possible time, towards the race. But the motorbike started to have problems again.

Due to this Alex could only do one lap. As a consecuence, the time achieved got him in the last position of the grid.

Finally, the technicians did a thorough revision of the electrical system and they found the cause of the problem.

At 9:40am on Sunday there was the 10 minutes Warm-Up, where Alex “defined his territory” being the fastest rider. This gave the team good vibes to the challenge that Alex had ahead, which was to gain positions from the last.

When the pit lane oponed, the participants in the race got their place in the grid. Alex was the last out of 21 riders.

When the lights went off, Alex did one of his spectacular starts and when he crossed the finishing line for the first time, he was already in the 9th position!!!, he had overtaken 11 riders in one lap!!!!!!!

But this was only the begining, because lap after lap he gained positions. After 16 laps, Alex crossed the finishing line in 4th position overall and 2nd in the Stock Extreme Category (STE). Not only did Alex do a great race but he also got advantage over the second classified rider.

After a month with a lot of work, BRIEFING COMPETICIÓ is “away on holidadys” until the next race that will take place on September 2nd in the Circuit of Alcarrás (Lleida) for the 4th race of the Mediterranean Speed Championship (CMV).

So let´s enjoy the holidays and relax because in September we are back with more energy to face the last bit of the season.

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