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Press Release 24h race

This weekend Briefing Endurance participated, for the 7th consecutive year, in the 24 Hours Frigo Endurance Motorbike Race in Motmeló Circuit (Barcelona), a competition that is raced since 1994, and which is now in its 18th edition. This year a total of 177 riders in 46 teams registered. This edition was more international than other years because there were 25 French teams, 1 German and 1 Belgian. Briefing Endurance riders were Alex Martinez, Albert Badia, Toni Cerpa, Miguel Angel Lopez and the protagonist of the event was the motorcycle, number 72, our beloved Honda CBR 1000 RR (2008).

At 16.30 on Friday free practices began, where riders and motorbikes went onto the track. At the end of the free practices, the qualifying practices started, which were held in four rounds of 30 minutes each, and the riders went out to the track to get their best time according to the colour of their bracelets. With the combination of the best time from each rider, Briefing got classified at position 25 of 46 participants who were to form the grid, with a time of 1.57,765

That same Friday, at about 10 pm, there were free practices at night. In these trainings the riders noticed a lack of power in the bike due to an electrical power failure. After 15 laps on the track, it was decided to enter the bike to the box. The mechanics, after working all night, managed to solve the problem.

At 2:30 pm on Saturday, the pit line was opened and you could see an attractive grid consisting of the 46 bikes placed on the right side of the track and aligned according to time of the qualifying session and across the runway, riders, prepared to run towards them (Le Mans-type start). At 3 pm the “Senyera” (Catalan flag) was responsible for giving the green light.

After the initial green light, Alex ran to the bike to start the race, but found a mechanic from another team pushing his bike, so Alex lost a few very important seconds because they had to get out of his path to dodge him, losing several positions. At the end of the relay, the team was in 6th position overall and 1st in the category.

After 3 hours of race, Albert suffered a crash in the “Moreneta” corner, withouth apparent consequences on the bike. Three laps later they found that a radiator hose was broken and the bike had to stop in the box, where the mechanics fixed the problem and it was out on track again in the hands of Toni, who had to overtake positions!

Just after nightfall, a new setback, a small electronic problem forced Alex to stop in boxes, returning to the race a few minutes later. Despite the damage, the rest of the night went by quietly, and relay after relay, and with the new quick change rear wheel, the motorbike gained ground until reaching position 11.

At 2:10 pm on Sunday afternoon, Albert went to track for the last relay. After 23 hours of race, the team was exhausted, the bike was working like a champ and was in the 11th position overall and 2nd in the category of O-SBK (Superbike Open).

At about 3 pm, all the TEAM was at the wall waiting for both bike and rider to cross the finishing line. Albert rode in front of us and everybody burst with joy and ran to the podium to see the riders lift the cup that gave them 2nd place in the category of O-SBK.

Next meeting will be in two weeks in the Montmeló Circuit (Barcelona), which will host the third race of the Mediterranean Speed Championship (CMV).

Thank you for your support and I hope to see everyone on July 21st-22nd.!!!!!

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